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Relocation of Round Rock’s Old Stage Coach Inn is a Labor of Love for Locals

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Over the years, a reputation has grown amongst engineers and contractors with respect to the precision and expertise that’s required for the entire moving of a structure from its original home to a new place altogether. A number of historic and fragile buildings have found second purposes as a direct result of our interest in preserving and relocating them. And, we take great pride in our past and history enough that we want to play integral roles in preserving pieces of America’s architectural history, not to mention those of Texas, and so, we relish the saving of a building from demolition through such work. Preserving something for posterity is also an honor that many in the Texas Hill Country are pleased to be a part of, and such is the case for the Old Stage Coach Inn, located in Round Rock.

Known as one of the oldest and best preserved of all the old stagecoach stops in Texas, construction on this building was completed in 1853. The town of Round Rock was actually called Brushy at the time and the stage from Brownsville to Salado, which carried passengers and mail once a week, passed through town and made a stop at the Inn. Using rocks which were taken from the very hill on which it stood, the Inn was built by its original owner over a century ago. And, now, more than 160 years later, the town of Round Rock is in the process of having the building relocated.

In a telephone interview with Jim Tucker, Round Rock resident and volunteer historian with respect to the Old Stage Coach Inn, the building was originally slated to be demolished. Tucker shot and edited the video above at the request of the Round Rock Preservation Group, who had started a very public campaign to save the building on hearing the word that the original plan was to completely destroy it. It stood in the path of development, in particular, the expansion of RM 620. But, to demolish this piece of Round Rock’s past would mean the loss of something that was a huge contributing factor to the development of the town itself. In an interview with KXAN back in February of 2017, Brad Wiseman, director of Planning and Development Services for Round Rock, identified that the Inn was, “…a huge contributing factor to the Chisolm Trail in the early growth of the city, which was originally called the Town of Brushy.”

Relocation of Round Rock’s Old Stage Coach Inn is a Labor of Love for Locals
Photo: Facebook/Save the Round Rock, TX Old Stage Coach Inn

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