Remembering the Parents Who Are No Longer With Us

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Mother’s Day has come and gone and soon it will be time to celebrate our Fathers. For many though, this time of year can be one of the hardest times to get through. Our biggest supporters, our greatest allies, and most trusted confidants – these are days that remind many of us that the most important people who gave you life and nurtured and cared for you are no longer here.

Even though your parents may not be physically here anymore it doesn’t mean you can’t do things to remember and honor the time you spent together in your movie screen of memories you carry in your heart every day.

Dinner in Their Honor


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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be sad for some as they watch friends and families enjoy the day treating their parents to a meal full of new memories and conversations and laughter, creating new and impactful moments. It’s hard not to wish this could be you and your loved one enjoying precious time together.

But just because you can’t talk with them doesn’t mean you can’t create a day to remember them with your family. You can create a table that is full of mom’s favorite dishes she used to make on her favorite plates along with her favorite flowers and lined with mementos of the beautiful woman she remains in your thoughts and heart.

For Dad, you can make his favorite dish he enjoyed and bring out his favorite mug and share his favorite soft drink and make a toast to all the wonderful times he made special for your family.

Creating Legacies

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When we’re gone we hope the life we lived and the inspiration we left behind goes beyond generation after generation leaving its mark on the hearts of those we love. You can not take the love and memories away that a mother and father leaves behind with their children.

They are in the cool breeze that sweeps by your face. In the sweet sound of the bird chirping at your window each morning to greet you. In the favorite song of theirs that all of a sudden plays on the radio at the right moment to remind you they are still with you.

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