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Texas Man Renames His Donut Shop After an Act of Kindness

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“Dear Donut Man, my mom showed me the video of your money getting stolen. I’m sorry that happened. This is my tooth fairy money,” a little girl wrote in her note intended for an Alvin, Texas donut shop. ABC 13 explains that when young Chloe Gallegos saw the news story about a woman stealing the tip jar from the local donut shop, she wanted to do something to lift the spirits of the owner, Andy Chhong. The offering of tooth fairy money and sweet note did more than just bring a smile to Chhong’s face. He decided to rename his store, originally called Daylight Donuts to Dear Donut Man.

“She’s such an amazing kid. People need to, like, follow this kind of attitude,” Chhong told the news.

The timing of the name change seems to be perfect as he recently opened up a second location in La Marque, now dubbed Dear Donut Man 2. On their Facebook page, customers are already expressing their excitement about the new location. “My new favorite place!…Second day in a row I have been here…It’s Beautiful Inside. Very Clean,” Jamie Lewton wrote.

The mouthwatering photos of their donuts on Facebook (seen here) show that Dear Donut Man has colorful options covered in sprinkles, Oreos, and even Fruity Pebbles cereal along with sweet and savory breakfast options.