Rent-A-Chicken Lets You Try Before You Buy

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All around the urban and suburban landscape, more and more chicken coops are showing up in backyards. Something about sitting down to a meal made from eggs retrieved from right out the back door just makes them taste better. Are you interested in setting up an egg-laying shop in your own backyard but worried it may be too much trouble? No worries. Now you can try them before you buy them with Rent-A-Chicken.


Photo: Flickr/Marji Beach

A press release dated August 15 announced the arrival of Rent-A-Chicken to Austin and some surrounding areas.

Rent-A-Chicken brings the coop, two laying hens, and everything else you need right to your backyard so you can enjoy farm fresh eggs right away. No need to mess with baby chicks or read a bunch of books on raising chickens. Rent-A-Chicken does all the hard work for you.  They’ll even set everything up for you for a small fee.

Afraid you’ll have questions after they leave? No need to worry with their full time on call support. Not interested in messing with the chickens when they aren’t laying? Simply contact Rent-A-Chicken and they’ll pick everything up and store it for the winter. They’ll even tag your chickens so that the same ones will be returned to you the following spring if you desire.

Photo: Flickr/Meryl

Rent-A-Chicken offers a unique opportunity to try your hand at urban farming. The kids will love their cool new pets and learn all about caring for them. Plus, you’ll get farm fresh eggs all summer long.

Do you have chickens you can spare? Then Rent-A-Chicken wants you too. If you are interested in supplying chickens to renters, simply contact Rent-A-Chicken via email and they’ll give you the low down to set you up with clients.

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