News Reporter Loses His Mind on New Disney Ride

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ABC 30 reporter Corey James was somehow convinced to board the new thrill ride at Disney’s California Adventure Park in Los Angeles last month during its initial opening. The ride, called “Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!” was once the “Twilight Zone” themed ride called the “Tower of Terror.” For James, the ride still holds its fair share of pure terror.

Watching the reporter’s face as he changes from a cool and collected professional to a screaming boy who’s trying his best not to curse is absolutely hilarious. James kept a good sense of humor about it even though it’s clear he was ready for the 2.5-minute ride to end as soon as it started. Everyone else on board with him seemed to, almost calmly, enjoy the intense ride.

As a USA Today reporter who also rode the ride explains, the revamped attraction has a funny theme featuring all of the main “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters. It plays six different songs so riders who get in line multiple times will have a slightly different experience each time they board. The former technology that was in place for the “Tower of Terror” is noticeably updated as the drops are faster and more plentiful. Also, it makes the “first ride in what will become an expanded Superhero Universe in the California park.”