Rescued Dogs, Cats, and Porcupines Put on Nearly 100 Shows at the State Fair of Texas

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There are so many attractions at the State Fair of Texas that it can feel like everything is competing for a visitor’s attention, but one show in particular captivated audiences of all ages due to its use of performing dogs, cats, porcupines, pigs and, birds. The Wild West Pet Palooza was a big hit for fair attendees that wanted to see more than just the “Best In Show.”

As the CW 33 explains, the animals used in the series of comedic sketches and stunts are part of Joel Slaven’s Professional Animals. All of these animals were rescued from shelters, trained and given a new life. Slaven hopes to show people that even if a pet isn’t purebred or expensive, it can still be an equally impressive creature.

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Since the show ran three times a day at the historic Fair Park Band Shell, Slaven brought almost 100 animals to perform the nearly 100 shows they put on. Of course, the animals switched out and didn’t star in every single show, but Slaven said they miss performing when they don’t get chosen. He told the news, “They’re usually back there going nuts saying, ‘Why is everybody else getting to play and do the show while I’m back here not getting to do the show?'”

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