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Dallas Residents Take Matters Into Their Own Hands and Paint Road Markers on Intersection 

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Citizens of this Dallas community felt like the City was taking far too long to respond to their requests to fix a scary intersection. Instead of waiting any longer for the City of Dallas, a few individuals took to the streets and painted their own directions on the confusing roads.

CBS DFW writes that the intersection in question is where “Seventh Street, Tyler Street and Kings Highway meet.” People who live/work without shouting distance of the roads say they hear near-collisions and screeching tires daily. They could easily see how the roads needed more thorough directions. “It took us $6 worth of spray paint to make it happen. Really, we were just tired of waiting…I would hope people would see we’re just trying to make a safer street for anyone from 8 to an 80-year-old,” said a man who wishes to remain anonymous.

But WFAA reports that the citizens’ actions were quickly noticed and blacked out by the City. Now, the intersection is as confusing as ever. People are frustrated but hopeful that perhaps the City will prioritize the dangerous area. A spokesperson for the city said, “Only city staff should implement improvements or paint traffic signage to avoid confusing drivers and pedestrians.” They say they will make further adjustments soon.