This Restaurant Claims They Have Ghostly Guests Caught on Video

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At the California restaurant Cronies, a sports grill known for their family-friendly vibe, there’s been more activity going on than casual dining. In fact, some might call it paranormal activity.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, viewers can see security camera footage of a chair moving without anyone near it. A family eating nearby notices the incident, but upon further inspection, they don’t see any reason as to why the chair moved in such a strange way.

Chair Moved BY ITSELF At Cronies

CUSTOMERS REPORT SELF MOVING CHAIR! Another strange and unexplainable happening at Cronies Ventura! Jimmy shows Aubrey on our security camera what a table of customers saw in real life!

Posted by Cronies on Monday, October 16, 2017

WFAA reports that the Ventura restaurant also experienced a bar stool randomly falling over while the place was completely empty and closed in the middle of the night. The owners of Cronies say that since they’ve been in business for so long that they have many employees and restaurant regulars who have passed on to the other side. They even have many of their old friends’ photos on the walls, but there are two individuals, in particular, the owners suspect. “Ralph and Don. They were our first originals. They actually introduced me to my wife. And they died 25 years ago,” Woman’s World quotes co-owner Dave Foldes. “Whenever something funny happens, we blame it on them.”

Thankfully, they’re thought to be good ghosts, and they don’t mean any harm.