Watch the Unbelievable Restoration of This 400-Year-Old Painting

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When video of an old painting from the 1600s being restored was posted onto YouTube, many called the clip a fake. The speediness in which the restoration took place and the quick and not exactly gentle method which was used made many skeptical, but the original video was posted to Twitter by Philip Mould, an “…art dealer, author, presenter & co-creator of BBC1’s Fakeorfortune.”

Mould tweeted that the piece is from 1618 and is referred to as “The Woman in Red.” All that’s known is the date and the fact that the woman pictured was 36 at the time of the portrait thanks to an inscription on the piece.

The Telegraph writes that in order to rid the painting of its yellow hue, “Mr. Mould tested a special mixture of gel and solvent on an ‘oil on panel’ surface before carefully applying it to the picture of the Jacobean lady.” The painting is part of a private collection, and the final image hasn’t been revealed, but keep an eye on Mould’s Twitter feed to see the full unveiling of this mysterious painting.

If you find satisfaction in cleaning, the videos below will leave you feeling elated! Watching the old varnish come off is like stepping back in time.