Retirement Life in the Hill Country

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We have all pondered this at some point, “What will retirement life be like?” Will it be a house overlooking the beach with waves of unending peace to lull you to sleep each night? Could it be a home in another country waiting for new adventures? For Frank and Naomi Pena it’s the beauty of the Hill Country and all its grandeur where they would begin the next chapter in their lives.

Retirement Life in the Hill Country

Photo: Frank & Naomi Pena, provided by Sonia Ramirez

A well-planned idea became a reality for Mr. and Mrs. Pena, married 47 years. After living in Deer Park, Texas where they raised three children, they decided it was time for a new adventure. The reason for the move was to be closer to their children. Their son Kevin and his wife Crissy live in San Antonio with their two children, while their daughter Leticia lives close by in New Braunfels with her two sons and daughter.

The scenery and feeling of a small knit community brought them to build a home in New Braunfels. “Back home Frank’s allergies were a problem he faced daily but in New Braunfels his allergies are pretty much nonexistent,” said Naomi. “Worries of plant explosions and dangerous toxins released into the air were another concern,” said Mr. Pena. New Braunfels gave them peace and they realize they have the best of both worlds living in the country and access to city life with nearby San Antonio.

Retirement Life in the Hill Country

Photo: Union Street Station

What might a day be like? “Spontaneous” said Naomi Pena. Some days it’s breakfast at one of their favorite eateries-Union Station or Garcia’s Restaurant. A nice stroll through Landa Park, their favorite place to unwind, makes for getting some exercise. Some days are a drive in Frank’s Jeep to explore towns such as Gruene. With easy access to the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers the Pena’s may be seen sitting by the river enjoying its beauty.

Retirement Life in the Hill Country
Photo: Landa Park

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