This Retro Kitchen Makeover Will Make You Nostalgic

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Tony Maples Photography


When two homeowners decided to revamp their style, they knew a retro kitchen makeover was exactly what they needed.

The outdated space, bland and boring, was outdated and lacked any sort of personality. The cabinets were near ruin and the finishes were dull with wear.

So the homeowners called Larry Lambert of Chi Renovation and Design with a plan: a retro kitchen with a color palette of old-school mint and cherry red.

Lambert combed over samples and made a historic color palette that mimics the feel of a diner or early 1950s kitchen to a tee.

Each storage cabinet in the space serves a purpose with built-in pantry drawers and a hidden wastebasket. This glam kitchen design is certainly taking us back.

Can’t you almost smell the apple pie cooling on that windowsill?