Revised 2019 Chevy Blazer Model is Taking Design Cues From the Camaro

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Following months of speculation, Chevrolet fans can finally get their first look at the newly-designed 2019 Chevy Blazer. Bloggers of the auto world have defined it as a “…surprising departure from other more conservative Chevy models, drawing a lot of influence from the refreshed 2019 Camaro.”

Those looking for an SUV with more space, but not necessarily for passengers can look to the new two-row Blazer model. It’s earmarked to fill in a gap between the Chevy Equinox and its larger counterpart, the Chevy Traverse. The Blazer is definitely an eye-catcher. The company has stated that each model will have a distinct trim package to make it even more appealing. Its Premier model will boast plenty of chrome, with its entire front-end looking like the newer model Camaro. The Blazer RS will have more blackened trim. The rear of the vehicle will take on the Traverse’s appearance, with a sharper edge to its design. Though the standard model will have 18-inch wheels, however, 21s are also available as options. Each model will also feature HID headlights, as well as LED running lights and taillights.

Revised 2019 Chevy Blazer Model is Taking Design Queues From the Camaro

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The interior of this new Blazer edition will feature a variety of color options depending on trim specs. The redesigned model has round vents (similar to the Camaro), together with an electronically locking glovebox, 4G LTE wireless WiFi, six USB ports, wireless charging, and power windows which can be activated using the key fob. Premier and RS models of this newer Blazer will also come with a hands-free rear liftgate, standard, and adaptive cruise control, optional. Additional options include a trailer hitch (for those of us in Texas who most definitely need to haul things) and a panoramic sunroof to capture those beautiful days on our road trips in full HD (both options on the V6 model). The maximum towing capacity for this model is 4.5K pounds. However, the options don’t end there.

The new Chevy Blazer won’t reach dealer showrooms until early 2019, and pricing has yet to be announced. Presently taking many of its design cues from the Camaro, those in the industry are calling it an aggressive crossover. Following a 13-year hiatus for this model, Chevrolet is hoping this revised version will fill a void in the market, luring buyers who like sportiness, but with the fuel economy that today’s market demands.