Rice University Band Might Have Gone Too Far With Halftime Show

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Many feel that Rice University’s performance during their halftime show on Friday ventured past satirical and into offensive due to their focus on producing commentary about past Baylor President Ken Starr.

Ken Starr resigned as president after recent sexual assault scandals at Baylor. While he was president, the university ignored claims of rape from several students, most of which pointed to their football team. The victims filed a lawsuit after they told numerous university officials about the sexual assaults, but they received no help.

Rice’s marching band decided to use their halftime show to reflect on this major issue. According to KXAN, “The marching band called The “MOB” formed a roman numeral nine on the field to represent Title Nine. That is the federal law Baylor is accused of violating in their sexual assault scandals. After forming the nine, the band then shifted into a star formation in reference to Ken Starr.”

After people began expressing distaste for the show, Rice University stated that they did not mean to seem callous about the issue that impacted Baylor University. They were trying to create a satire, but for many, the performance and its intentions fell flat.