Richard Linklater’s Next Project Might be About 1970s Houston

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On November 17, Texas director Richard Linklater’s latest film “Last Flag Flying” will be released. The movie follows three Vietnam veterans as they join together to bury one of their sons who died in Iraq. According to the Violet Crown Cinema, “As this trio of old friends makes its way up the Eastern seaboard, Linklater gives us a rich rendering of friendship, a grand mosaic of common life in the USA during the Bush era, and a striking meditation on the passage of time and the nature of truth.” But Linklater’s next project could bring him much closer to home.

While promoting “Last Flag Flying,” reports that Linklater has teased audiences about centering a movie in the Houston area. “Houston deserves a good TV series and a couple of more movies…Houston was so on the cutting edge. The medical center, that domed stadium, Astro Turf. It just felt like science fiction that was coming to life,” he said.

Parts of his award-winning film “Boyhood” were filmed in Houston, but many segments were filmed in the Texas Hill Country, as well. Linklater himself grew up in Houston in the 70s, so if the project moves forward, Houstonians can look forward to an accurate blast from the past.