Roadside Wildflowers That Will Turn Your Head

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One of the many perks of living in the Hill Country of Texas is the many endless roadside fields of wildflowers that bloom in the Spring. It is one of life’s pure joys to wander through the meadows bursting with blues, pinks, reds, and yellows. Spring travelers of all kinds take to the highways in hopes of glimpsing one of these tiny harbingers of Spring. For anyone who may be new to these emboldened blossoms, here is a guide to get started.

1. Bluebonnet

Roadside wildflowers - bluebonnets


This iconic state flower of Texas is a cult favorite and a can’t miss among roadside wildflower enthusiasts. The Texas bluebonnet begins blooming early spring (but some varieties can bloom as early as January). Simply look for their violet-blue spires.

2. Indian Paintbrush

roadside wildflowers - indian paintbrush


The Indian Paintbrush – aptly named for its brush like blooms with colors varying from scarlet to orange, cream, yellow, and occasionally purple – much like the bluebonnet the Paintbrush blooms in early spring.

3. Winecup

roadside wildflowers - winecups


The Winecup blooms in early spring into summer, in most parts of the state, except the west. It can easily be found in areas with sandy soils, in open woods, and scrublands. It’s purple dome-like cap is hard to miss.

4. Indian Blanket

roadside wildflowers - indian blanket


These multicolored blossoms typically bloom April to June across much of Texas. The brilliant combination of red, orange, and yellow resembles brightly woven fabric when viewed in large clusters.

5. Verbena

roadside wildflowers - verbena


Verbena blooms most abundantly in Spring, but it can flower at other times of the year as well depending on rainfall. It is one of Texas’ most abundant roadside wildflowers.

6. Spotted Beebalm

roadside wildflowers - lemonmint


This ornately spotted flower blooms May through August and thrives in meadows throughout Texas. It is also known as lemon-mint or horsemint.

7. Mexican Hat

roadside wildflowers - mexican hat

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