‘Roadtripping With Molly’ Covers Big Texas Food in Episode 5

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In 1979, Tim and Nina Zagat developed a way to collect and correlate restaurant ratings from diners. Fast forward to present day and Zagat is its own multi-faceted company helping those looking for standout food experiences and cutting through the clutter of available dining choices to give foodie fans the best places to pick from. In this video, posted on their official YouTube channel, Zagat editor Molly Moker takes off to Texas to give viewers a first-hand look at what food lovers nosh on in the Lone Star State.

In this fifth episode of “Roadtripping With Molly,” she starts out with the right look and gets her “big hair” style complete with quarter-bounce prior to prepping her big appetite (because everything’s big in Texas!) Commencing with Texas queso and chicken fried steak, Moker’s first stop is Matt’s Rancho Martinez in Dallas. Their “Cowboy Chicken Fried Steak” features chili, cheese and onions, and we believe the words Moker utters upon seeing the monstrous dish are, “Oh my God.” And their queso prompted the statement, “I can never go back to real life after this.”

The approximately eight-minute video features more of Moker touring restaurants Dallas restaurants famed for their Texas-style and sized dishes. Local Oak is featured for its Frito Pie and her final stop is at Smoke for a “Big Rib,” (which was described to her by Zagat as a “brontosaurus-sized beef rib.”) Using her camera phone to take not one, but two pictures to cover the length of her Big Rib, Moker wraps up her segment going as far as trying the “Frito Pie in a Bag” that was referenced earlier in filming, but for which she was leery…and rightfully so!