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Strange ‘Robert Downey Jr’ Scam Spreads Throughout Facebook and Twitter

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A new scam is making its way around social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Scammers are making celebrity profiles, often Robert Downey Jr. ones, and sending private messages to fans asking for money to support “charity causes.” The actor himself has had to come forward due to the sudden influx in scam messages. On Instagram, Downey said he would never initiate a conversation via private messages on any social media, and he would certainly never ask for money in that manner, either.

The BBC quotes fans who responded to Downey’s post saying that they received messages from several different Downey profiles and other celebrity fake profiles. Ulrike Scherling said, “Countless false RDJs I reported. Amazingly enough they turned into false Ben Stillers then and finally into a bunch of fake Elton Johns.” Martha Holbrook added, “I had an impostor Mark Rufflo try to scam me. I asked him a few questions about his career and politics. He didn’t even know basic movie questions about movies he was in. I blocked him.”

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has also posted to his Instagram account about the scammers who are using his name. “Who knows who those dirt bags are or what information they are after, but I’m sure it ain’t good,” he wrote.