Imagine a Robot Preparing Your Meals Inside of Your Own Kitchen

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Futurism recently uploaded a clip to Instagram showing how kitchens could completely change in the near future, such as the inclusion of an elegant countertop oven. In the short video, viewers can see two robotic arms extending from above a kitchen counter. These large robot-arms will completely take over cooking duties to serve up a delicious meal for the robot’s human companions.

The robot chef learns how to create meals from master chefs via a motion capture system that previously filmed the real chef’s arms. Once the preparation and cooking steps are saved in the system, people can choose the meal from a list on an app and request that the robot start making the food, as if a real master chef was in their kitchen.

The robot was developed by Moley Robotics. On their website, the company states that they plan on releasing the consumer version of the product in 2018, and they mention that they’ve been contacted by interested parties in the restaurant business and culinary schools.

Moley describes their Robotic Kitchen as “sophisticated yet compact, it will feature the four key integrated kitchen items of robotic arms, oven, hob and touchscreen unit…. The kitchen is operated by its touch screen or remotely via smartphone. When not in use, the robotic arms retract from view. In robotic use, glass screens glide across the unit, enclosing it for safe use when there’s no-one home.”

This fully robotic kitchen will whip up your favorite meal

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