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Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

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While the world focuses on the plight of Houston and much of Southeast Texas, let us not forget the place that bore the brunt of the initial landfall of Hurricane Harvey, which is the city of Rockport. At last report, having a population of just over 10,000 (United States Census 2016), many of us will not soon forget the stark images of destruction which flashed across our screens as we watched helplessly while Harvey battered Rockport without remorse.

Following the onslaught, in what was sure to be believed as a reckoning the city would not be able to withstand, residents showed resilience and determination upon returning to their homes to survey the damage (had they the opportunity to evacuate), posting the American flag in and on what was left of homes and businesses. The message of “We’ll Rebuild” has been heard loud and clear throughout the state and the country, as a number of personal, business, and organizational fundraisers have been spearheaded towards relief efforts specific to this Texas city by the sea.

Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

Photo: Facebook/Operation Blessing International

One of the largest of these aid mechanisms is the U.S. Disaster Relief team which is a humanitarian organization deployed to Rockport in attempts to assist its residents with their cleanup process, and additional groups are following suit. Operation Blessing International is in the process of helping Rockport residents free-of-charge where their homes were badly damaged or destroyed by the storm. They’re also in the process of coordinating a local volunteer cleanup group, through which residents can complete a work request for free volunteer assistance. Priority for this service is being ordered based on need, such as elderly, sick, and disabled first, as well as ensuring the appropriate abilities of those that are volunteering, and includes such services as debris removal, sorting belongings which are salvageable, placing tarps on damaged roofs, as well as heavy equipment operation and brush/chainsaw work. They accept volunteers daily and are presently established at 902 Main St. in Rockport. For those willing to volunteer (you must be 18 years of age or older), they hold two orientation sessions each day, at 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. They ask that as volunteers, you dress accordingly, including long pants and work boots, preferably. Volunteers must also be able to provide their own transportation to and from their designated work sites. For further information regarding Operation Blessing International, visit their website link provided here, or call them directly at (757) 284-9183.

Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

Photo: Facebook/Aransas County ISD

In addition to housing supports, the city’s infrastructure has been dealt a tough hand, including government services, schools, and social support mechanisms. People in other parts of Texas are recognizing the immediate need for assistance and stepping up to help where possible. Recently, the Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District (LCISD) announced via social media that they would be hosting a district-wide fundraising effort on behalf of the Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) in Rockport, due to their temporary closure resulting from the effects of Harvey. Rockport schools sustained a loss of power and water, damage to school buildings, technology, and supplies, and in the midst of student/family housing issues, have closed their doors until such time as appropriate arrangements can be made. In the meantime, places like LCISD are planning on fundraising for replacement technology and supplies, as well as student and family assistance where required. If you’re interested in supporting their initiative, please contact the LCISD via their Facebook page. If you would like to coordinate relief or contribute directly to the ACISD, please contact them via their Facebook page.

Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

Photo: Facebook/Fox News

Still others are contributing to the city of Rockport, Texas via special events and crowd fundraising pages, simply out of the desire to assist and a feeling of connectivity. From across the country, places such as Rockport, Massachusetts, and Rockport, Maine have established fundraising links as sister-cities if only in name, and coordinated relief efforts with respect to men/women on-the-ground. Their fundraising efforts remain open, and if you too would like to contribute to their generosity, the links are provided here, respectively: Massachusetts and Maine.

Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

Photo: Facebook/Michelle Catharine

Similarly, brother and sister public service groups are showing their support for their fellow counterparts in Rockport. A fine example of this is the Support Our Troops fundraising being coordinated by the American Legion Post 179 out of Walker, Michigan (one of many that you may like to source online), on behalf of the American Legion Post 363 of Rockport, Texas, one of many public service buildings that underwent considerable damage. This particular fundraiser’s proceeds will go directly to the American Legion organization in Rockport, and if you too would like to help, you can visit the Rockport link provided here: www.americanlegionpost179.com/rockport.

Want to Help Rockport, Texas? Here’s How You Can Support Harvey Relief

Photo: Facebook/The New York Times

The City of Rockport as well has developed a crowd funding link towards relief efforts, welcoming Texans, Americans, and those around the world that are moved by their present circumstances to donate monetary amounts towards a $500,000 goal. In only 10 days (at the time of printing this article), a little over 2,000 people have donated $287,730. Such generosity in Rockport’s time of need is greatly appreciated by the city for which the link identifies, “All funds will remain in Rockport-Fulton and 100 percent will go to local recipients recovering from Hurricane Harvey.” If you would like to contribute to the City of Rockport’s official GoFundMe page, the link is provided here for your convenience.



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