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Driver Thrown From Chuck Wagon at RodeoHouston Race

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A RodeoHouston driver was thrown from his chuck wagon during a race last Tuesday at NRG Stadium. As his wagon was going around a turn, the driver lost his balance, fell from the cart and rolled onto the ground.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo -aka- RodeoHouston is touted as the largest livestock show and rodeo in the world. In addition to that, though, the venue is also host to huge country music acts throughout the year, like Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Miranda Lambert.

The video below shows the chuck wagon driver being knocked unconscious, but the driver left the arena awake and alert. He is in stable condition and reported to only have a shoulder or arm injury. One of the horses also fell but was able to get back up and is okay.

Dan Cheney of RodeoHouston told Houston’s ABC 11 news, “The wagon driver has been treated by RodeoHouston sports medicine and transported to the hospital for further examination.”

The chuck wagon driver is expected to be just fine. We’re sending him our best wishes for a speedy recovery!