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RodeoHouston is Working on a Star-Shaped Stage for Next Year

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In February 2018, the RodeoHouston will reveal its new, soon to be iconic creation – a star-shaped stage. ABC 13 explains, “The five points of the star each measure 36 feet and can be raised to create elevated performance positions. The 48-foot diameter, rotating performance space allows concert goers to be closer to their favorite artists than ever before.” Behind the performers, a 22-foot-tall LED screen will create the perfect motion-controlled backdrop while filling the stadium with light. Like past RodeoHouston stages, the star will turn 360 degrees, giving everyone in the stadium a good view.

KHOU writes that live entertainment company TAIT conceived of the star stage concept. They’ll use the latest technology to bring the platform to life with precautions put into place. When RodeoHouston uploaded a video with a digital rendering of the new stage, commenters were quick to ask – Would performers feel safe on the elevating star tips? “These are just renderings of the stage. There will be safety handles in place for the star tips as they are raised. :)” RodeoHouston replied.

The much-anticipated opening act (and closing) act to use the star stage will be Garth Brooks. As reported earlier, tickets will go on sale for his show starting in September due to the anticipated high demand.