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New $18M Roller Coaster to be Built in Sea World San Antonio

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Construction will begin in October for Sea World San Antonio’s newest roller coaster called Wave Breaker. This $18 million coaster will take 886 riders per hour on an over three-minute journey reaching 44 miles per hour over water.

Sea World San Antonio President Carl Lum told MySA.com that the coaster is meant to mimic how aquatic animal rescuers feel when they rush to attend to a sea creature. “The ride looks like individual jet skis on the coaster’s 2,600-foot-long track, most of which will be built over the park’s Ski Lake. The ride will have heights of 61 feet and feature interactive components about animal rescue efforts conducted by the park and other organizations,” he explained.

Sea World hopes to invest in and draw attention to their rides as a means to take the spotlight off of their damaged public image following the documentary “Blackfish.” The 2013 film focused on the theme park’s mistreatment of killer whales, and as a result, Sea World reprogramed their shows to focus on education instead of tricks and entertainment. Now, with Wave Breaker, the company will also highlight their rescue efforts, which they hope will propel them forward into gaining more curious theme park visitors and roller coaster enthusiasts.