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The Rollerblading Nuns of Corpus Christi

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The Rollerblading Nuns of Corpus Christi, TX are the newest attraction catching the attention of everyone along the Bayfront. Stopped by many to take a selfie, these Nuns are definitely making a statement, and catching a glimpse of these “Holy Rollers” is becoming a must.

The Solt sisters “named after the acronym for their church, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity,” according to an article by abcnew.go.com are garnering the kind of attention you’d expect from a movie star sighting as they cruise along enjoying their favorite habit of in-line skating. “When I entered, I left my Rollerblades at home, thinking, ‘I’m not going to use them,'” Sister Caritas Sparke told ABC affiliate KIII.

Thinking they would have to give up their enjoyment of rollerblading, these roller skating nuns have made quite the impression this summer on the Corpus, Christi Bayfront.

Skating along in their full habit as they rollerblade down the coast weekly, they are constantly stopped to pose for pictures. The sisters began rollerblading for recreation but thought they would have to turn in their skates when they made the decision to become nuns.

They’ve even gotten the attention of some rollerblading pros along the way. “We did meet a group of roller derby women … and it was actually really cool,” Sister Mary Elezibaeth Albers told KIII. “They invited us to their roller derby match.”

Sister Caritas Sparke and Sister Mary Elezibaeth Albers hope to show the world a different side of what it’s like being a nun, and what most people think covenant life is like. They truly are a heavenly inspiration on wheels you might say.