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BBQ Joint Gives Odor Free Barbecue for Life After Sunday’s Punch

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A barbecue restaurant is offering free barbecue for life to Ranger’s second baseman Rougned Odor after he punched Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista in Sunday’s game. 

Heim Barbecue makes its grand opening in Fort Worth this June. Owner, Travis Heim described the thought process of his generous offer.

“We just thought it would be a funny thing if we gave Rougie free food because he wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch Bautista after last year, so you know, it’s kind of a justice, a little bit,” owner Travis Heim told NBCDFW News 5.”

With the Rangers big loss last year to the Blue Jays, in game 5 of the playoffs, it’s no wonder why this punch and this offer seem like much needed justice to many fans!

Heim is even making t-shirts to get the community involved. Each shirt reads “Rougned eats free”. Heim describes that what started off as a small joke has caught on and is quickly turning into something larger-than-life.

“We originally were going to print 40,” Heim said. “I think now we’re up to close to 200.”

So far Odor hasn’t stated if he will be cashing in on this sweet deal, but Heim jokingly voices his concern.

“Hopefully he doesn’t like barbecue too much because then we might be in the red,” he said. “It’s just a fun deal, you know.”

If there’s one thing that can be taken away from this story it’s that if you come to Texas don’t mess with our baseball or our barbecue.