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Round Rock Donuts Serve Up Texas-Sized Sweet Treats!

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For donuts as big as your head (now that’s Texas-sized!), pay a visit to Round Rock Donuts in the Texas Hill Country and prepare to be amazed. Their giant donut is the equivalent of 12 regular-sized ones, so you should also go there hungry!

At 14 inches long and two pounds in weight, the massive donuts at Round Rock Donuts are what helped to make it so famous, but the taste of their products are what keep folks coming back for me. In fact, many line up in their drive-thru just to ensure they can get their hands on some of them! It’s like glazed crack for the pastry-inclined. Glazed, frosted, and covered in sprinkles, it’s the type of treat you’d expect to find at the Texas State Fair.

Shared on the INSIDER YouTube channel, this video hardly does the product justice, but it certainly does one thing – it entices you! Many people travel to the Texas Hill Country for the scenery, the amazing views, and the friendly people, but quite a few will also tell you that they come here specifically for these donuts. “Since 1926,” their website states, “people from all over the world have been stopping by to give our famous yellow (or are they orange?) donuts a try. Round Rock Donuts, made from the original owner’s recipe, are created with as much care and finesse as they were years ago. The yeast-risen donut originates from a bread-like dough; its distinct yellow color (from fresh eggs) immediately sets it off from any other donut. Unlike baking powder donuts, this yeast donut cannot be machine-made; it must be hand-rolled, cut, fried and iced. On busy days, now as in the past, the bakery turns out 200 dozen of these popular originals.” Have you had a chance to tempt your taste buds at Round Rock Donuts? If not, plan a trip, plan to go on an empty stomach, and prepare to be impressed!