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Roy Head Update: Sundance Asks for Prayers

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Texas-born Sundance Head, the winner of season 11 of The Voice, recently asked for prayers for his father, Roy Head. Roy, a famous Texas singer in his own right, known as the lead for “The Traits” and having the huge 60s hit “Treat Her Right,” was admitted to the hospital late December 29th with a ruptured aorta.

Roy Head Update: Sundance Asks for Prayers

Photo: Facebook/Sundance Head

Sundance’s family has supported his career wildly and were in the audience the night he was announced as the winner of The Voice. His father, Roy, was visibly quite proud of his son and obviously in full agreement. Sundance took to social media this week in equal support of his dad, asking fans and followers for prayers as he was rushed to the emergency room.

Roy Head Update: Sundance Asks for Prayers

Photo: Pixabay

An update came from Sundance’s wife, Misty, a couple of hours afterward, when she informed everyone that Roy had been taken to surgery as a result of an “aneurism bleed out in stomach somehow from this morning till now was able to clot on its own without bleeding out elsewhere.” She also noted that Roy had been experiencing pains since Monday (December 26th), but had been in the woods hunting and thought it was simply back pains. Finally, he was put into a truck and taken to the hospital on Thursday evening.

Roy Head Update: Sundance Asks for Prayers

Photo: Pinterest/Reality TV World

By Friday morning (December 30th), Sundance provided an update on his dad’s status, saying, “Pops is stable. Sedated while they start dialysis for his kidneys. Blood pressure still good. Nurses are taking great care of him. Thank you all for the prayers they are working. Once he made it through surgery surgeon came out and spoke to us and around his neck was a chain with a big cross so I knew he was in the hands he needed to be in. Will post more soon once we find out more thank you all god bless.”

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