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Royal Caribbean Cancels Cruise and Sends Ship to Puerto Rico for Aid

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Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, desperately needs aid after Hurricane Maria and Irma ripped through the island. The Royal Caribbean cruise line is stepping up to send help by canceling one of their cruises and sending their ship, Adventure of the Seas, to render aid.

CNN states, “The 3,800 passenger vessel will bring aid to San Juan, as well as St. Croix and St. Thomas, which were hit by both Maria and Hurricane Irma. Adventure arrives in San Juan on Wednesday and will take evacuees to Fort Lauderdale before returning to Puerto Rico next week.” Many people are stuck in the airport, which is running very low on supplies.

Royal Caribbean isn’t the only cruise line getting involved in Puerto Rico’s relief efforts. Norwegian Cruise Line will become involved with helping rebuild infrastructure and schools on the island. And Carnival sent 11 ships through the Caribbean after Irma to distribute supplies. says that individuals are reaching out to help Puerto Rico through private efforts, as well. “Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently let one of the team’s players borrow his plane to aid in recovery efforts. In addition, rapper Pitbull is also sending his private jet to aid hospital patients on the island,” they explain.