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Royal Flush Water Slide is a Texas Summer Sensation of Epic Proportions

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With over 131,000 views of their video (and this is only one of many floating around on the internet!) Round III has hit online gold with the “BSR SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K” viewing experience. This promotional video for the BSR Cable Park is a three-minute video showing willing adventurers shooting down three parallel water slides, which are constructed on the side of a hill at the park, and ultimately volleying into the water off a hair-raising ramp.

Propelling thrill-seekers into mid-air before they splash into the turquoise water waiting below, the water activities at BSR Cable Park, located in Waco, Texas, include this amazing Royal Flush super slide to complement their wakeboard lessons, lazy river, and volleyball matches.

This epic video shows willing water lovers diving headfirst off the tip of the water slide, doing backflips, and generally performing quite athletically. We have to admit that this might be a far cry from what some of us might do on the slide (i.e. screaming until our vocal chords become soundless and hoping desperately that the elastic in our bathing suits is strong enough to withstand the butt-clenching g-forces it’ll be subjected to)! Texas is, of course, a place for all things big and apparently extreme, and this definitely falls into both categories. Have you been to the BSR Cable Park? Or are you about to add this to your summer Texas travel bucket list?