’90s Kids Rejoice: ‘Rugrats’ Reptar Bars Are Now a Reality

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Fans of the 1990s cartoon series “Rugrats” will remember that the show regularly featured Reptar bars – the kids’ favorite bar of chocolate with a green center that turned their tongues bright Nickelodeon slime-colored green. Now, KENS 5 reports that the company FYE has taken it upon themselves to make the fictional candy bar a reality. This month they released Reptar Bars in stores, and they claim that the green icing sandwiched between the milk chocolate will turn your tongue a green hue!

Reviews of the chocolate bar are already rolling in. YouTuber Johnny Nacis posted a video yesterday that shows viewers how the candy looks and tastes. “Oh my god! This chocolate is actually really good!” he exclaims after taking the first bite. Once he’s about halfway done with the bar, he excitedly takes a look at his tongue to see if it turned green, but the effect hadn’t set in. “I think you need to knock out the whole bar in order for it to turn your tongue green,” he decides.

If you’re wondering where your nearest FYE is located, check out their website here. If you aren’t interested in chocolate bars, stay tuned for their next creation – Reptar cereal!