Man Buys Rusty $3 Knife and Transforms It Into an Exceptional Tool

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When YouTuber JunsKitchen was offered a rusty traditional Japanese knife for roughly $3 at a secondhand store, he immediately saw the potential in transforming the nasty looking knife back into a useful kitchen tool. He went home and recorded the knife’s “makeover” for his YouTube channel saying with a grin that he’ll make the guy who sold it to him jealous.

Watching the knife’s rusty exterior fall away and reveal a clean and sharp tool is simultaneously soothing and downright impressive to watch. And the added bonus of two cats surrounding the scene while displaying varying degrees of interest is icing on the cake of an already satisfying video!

Uploaded on June 19th, the video already has over an astounding 8.3 million views since JunsKitchen has a strong following, and the content appeals to anyone who finds joy in a bit of tidying up. Experience the sense of satisfaction while watching as an object gets restored to its original glory below.

Make sure you wait around for the best part. JunsKitchen displays his incredible knife skills showing how quickly and easily the knife can chop up veggies, a leaf, and paper, and even create a perfectly folded flower fit for an expensive meal.