5 Tips for a Safe and Sane Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country

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Why do holidays bring stress to people? We want the warm, fuzzy gatherings, the Hallmark movies, but instead, we undergo family skirmishes and stress.  The cook wants the perfect turkey, a graceful, candlelit table, and harmony among the guests. Football lovers prefer eating in front of televisions and watching multiple football games. Not everyone has the same ideas of perfection. What to do? How can the third Thursday in November be a day of gratitude, a day of Thanksgiving, and a day of blissful harmony? Here’s a suggestion. Decide in advance the expected etiquette, and then make sure the visitors know the protocol.

1. No Politics or Religion Discussed During the Thanksgiving Meal

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People arguing over political opinions can ruin a lovely dinner or family time. Shouts over whose right or wrong about a theological issue can also cause headaches and hurt feelings. Avoid these two topics. If a guest begins a discussion about either one, gently remind them, “That topic is for another day.” If the guest persists, remind them again with a sweet smile and change the subject.

2. Invite Your Neighbor

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Have you noticed how manners improve when visitors are present? Perhaps a neighbor is new to the area and knows no one. Maybe someone from your book club or church is alone and needs a friend. Not only will you do them a favor, but your family will put on better manners around newcomers.

3. Play Games


Place a puzzle on a nearby card table to occupy hands and minds. Try the conversation game. Ask guests to share their favorite travel destination. If they could go back in time, what day would they choose?  Go around the room and let everyone give three reasons to be thankful.

4. Plan the Menu and Include Low Carbs

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Don’t forget to include low-calorie and healthy Thanksgiving choices. Most of us ignore them on special occasions, but there’s a few who won’t deviate from their healthy lifestyle.


Remember to choose a few of the food items that fill you up but contain fewer calories. You’ll be happy you did. Remember, Christmas and another big food festival is coming. Most of all, relax. Thanksgiving comes once a year.