Safety Tips for a Happy Hill Country Halloween

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Taking the youngsters out for some fun and fright on Halloween is a past time enjoyed by many parents. The costumes range from cute to scary but the goal for each family is always the same, to have a little fun together. As you hit the streets and neighborhoods rumored to have the best loot, check off theses few safety tips to make sure you have a great time from start to finish.

1. Double Check All Aspects of Everyone’s Costumes



No one wants to spend All Hallows Eve in an emergency room due to someone taking a tumble off a porch because of a faulty costume. When it comes to your spooky getup, make sure check a few things before leaving the house:

  1. Make sure the costume is “flame retardant”. Because long sleeves and trailing ghost tails may be close to a jack-o-lantern at some point.
  2. Make sure everyone has on shoes for traveling. If you’re walking through neighborhood after neighborhood, the princess shoes may have been cute down the first block but someone may be begging to be carried the rest of the way home! Pinterest has great alternatives to actual costume shoes by retrofitting your child’s current shoes with something decorative that can be slipped over the top, leaving the tread ready for the streets!
  3. Leave the full face masks at the store. They are usually ‘one size fits most’ which may mean that they don’t fit anyone just right. Any mask or partial mask needs to leave enough space for your child to see where they are walking, how close they are to others, and their general surroundings when crossing the streets.
  4. Props are fun but make sure the princess wand, sword, or witches broom is the proportionate size for your child and flexible if possible. Running in hot pursuit of the next house offering candy may mean a fall or two. It’s important to make sure the prop they are carrying doesn’t do any damage to your child on the way down.

2. Keeping the Trick or Treating Festivities Safe


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