Sailor Reunited With His Dog in Houston Airport

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Mission K9 Rescue is a nonprofit organization based in Houston that strives to “Rescue, Reunite, Re-Home, Rehabilitate and Repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity.” When it comes to reuniting dogs with their companions, Mission K9 Rescue worked their magic for Nathan, a German Shepard that worked as a bomb-sniffing dog at an explosives detection unit in Italy. While working abroad, the military dog met Navy sailor Shelby Smith, and the two bonded quickly.

“If I was feeling bad, he was feeling bad. If I was happy, he was happy. He was a bended ear that I could talk to when I missed home,” Smith told ABC 13. They were sent to the Middle East, but sadly, Smith had to leave his partner Nathan behind in Italy once Smith was able to return home.

Now, Nathan has reached retirement age at 10, and he gets to find a new, comfortable home with his former partner. The two were reunited at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Smith looked relieved as he gave his old friend a hug. He says they plan on “just living the good life.”

To see the video of their sweet reunion, click here.