Video Shows Sailor Finding Solitude in World’s Quietest Room

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The Today Show recorded a sailor trip to the world’s quietest room when he wanted desperately to clear his mind of all the noise he heard while living underneath the deck of USS Abraham Lincoln. He said it was “like living under a roller coaster” with planes constantly taking off right above his head.

The sailor visited Orfield Labs in Minneapolis along with NBC’s Kerry Sanders, who wasn’t a fan of the room. He said the pressure in his ears felt too intense, and he only lasted five minutes in the space. The sailor, on the other hand, sat in complete silence for over an hour!  He had a hard time getting up out of his chair due to disorientation, but he successful cleared his mind of noise.

The room is known for driving some people crazy since it’s so incredibly quiet that you can hear your blood pumping through your body. It’s normally used to test products to see how loud they are without any outside interference.

The Orfield Labs website says that there isn’t a world record for time spent in the chamber, though many news outlets have reported that it was 45 minutes at one point. They also say, “The chamber is a test chamber for product, not people, and we can not allow anyone in the chamber alone for any significant amount of time without supervision. Orfield Laboratories costs are $100.00 per person with a $200.00 minimum, Monday through Friday by reservation.”