Houston Salon Gives Tips On How to Be a Good Customer

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Treating yourself to a trip to the salon should be a relaxing and fun experience, but there are still social norms that customers should follow. In order to suss out some salon etiquette, ABC 13 spoke with the owner of Houston’s Upper Hand Salon, Rachel Gower.

Gower’s biggest point is to make sure you tip for your services. “It’s usually customary to tip your hairdresser between 15 and 20 percent. If someone else shampoos your hair, usually about $5 is a good guideline. If you don’t like your hair whether it’s a cut or color, it’s really important to let your hairdresser know right away that you don’t like your hair,” she said. Although it might feel strange, stylists want you to be happy with your hair, so talk to them within the grace period of a week if there’s something you’re not too keen on.

Gower also says always let your stylist know if you’re running late so they can plan accordingly, and don’t worry about your hair being dirty when you come in. Also, checking your phone during the appointment is fine, but don’t take any calls. Who would want their phone raised to their ear near a pair of scissors, anyway?

While ABC 13’s investigation into the salon experience is helpful, many people have more “awkward” questions to ask stylists. Luckily has it covered. Overall, they determined that it’s OK to ask for a price up front to make sure you don’t blow your budget, making eye contact in the mirror isn’t weird, and don’t feel like you need to chit chat while your hair is being dried or washed. Customers often don’t realize how loud they’re talking over the running water or the blow dryer!