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Man-Made Salt Cave in San Antonio Claims to Offer Relief to Allergy Sufferers

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San Antonio now has a salt cave. If you’re wondering how and why, MySA.com explains that this new halotherapy environment was erected inside the Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa at Brooks. People can book appointments through Puresólspa to hang out inside of the beautiful room full of 22 tons of salt in order to “help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms as well as stress.”

Photo: Facebook/Puresól Salt Cave Spa

Though not everyone may believe that halotherapy is effective, the owner of the salt cave Beata Huzarska Hatley says she’s drawing from her personal experience in Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine. On the Brooks website, it’s explained that Hatley grew up going to the Polish mine since her father helped to create the first health spa underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. She imported all of the salt used in the San Antonio spa from that very mine.

According to MySA.com, the Puresólspa “offers 30- and 45-minute halotherapy sessions for $20 and $25 respectively. Sessions can also be purchased in bulk.” Whether or not the microclimate achieved by the presence of so much salt will take care of anyone’s aggressive Texas allergies isn’t set in stone, but the beautiful relaxing environment that encourages visitors to slow down and take deep breaths should help those who want to recharge.