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Salt Lick BBQ Featured by Food Insider: You’ll Need a Napkin Just to Watch It

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Waiting in line for up to 3.5 hours for some great Texas Hill Country barbecue isn’t unheard of. Waiting in line that long for some Salt Lick BBQ would be a blessing! Filmed on location at the infamous Salt Lick itself, the Food Insider YouTube channel produced a mouth-wateringly good video on this staple of the Hill Country just this spring. Since its release on May 8, over 58K people have viewed it. We’re assuming all of them have never had the chance to visit this mecca of meat preparation and are probably licking their computer screens with every turn of the camera!

Taking you right to the heart of the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant, Food Insider gives you a birds-eye-view of the gigantic grill on which the food is prepared. According to the video, the restaurant serves 800,000 people annually. Is it any wonder? One glimpse of the plates of food that are being served from its kitchen and you’ll be lining up to go there too.

The restaurant has been family-owned since 1967. Current proprietor Scott Roberts can be seen on the Food Insider video explaining how they prepare meals. In reference to the unique flavors of their meat, Roberts stated that there are three integral components – caramelization, grill smoke, and pecan smoke. This is what he says sets them apart from other barbecues. Serving approximately 1 million pounds of brisket each year, Salt Lick BBQ remains high on our list of must-sees here in the Texas Hill Country, and after watching this video, if you haven’t placed it on yours, there’s a good chance you don’t know good barbecue when you see it. Just sayin’ (ohhhh burn…and we don’t mean in the barbecue sense of the word.)