Does Salt Make a Slice of Watermelon Taste Better: Yes or No?

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Have you ever had salt on a slice of watermelon? It’s a first for some, but a long-time tradition for others. Your initial thought might be, “What’s this now?” But others insist that this skepticism is unfounded and instead, salt makes watermelon taste sweeter. With or without a pinch of salt, watermelon is the bomb. You can make smoothies with it, eat a slice on a hot day, or mix it into salads. But try some salt on that bad boy and tell us it doesn’t taste better!

Reports indicate this is a regional delicacy. Apparently, southerners have the copyright on this unique combination, and Texas isn’t left out of that equation. Salt and watermelon seemingly go hand-in-hand, like Jack and Jill. Is that the case in every county? Well, we haven’t done a poll, but there are certainly some strong opinions about it.

Does Salt Make a Slice of Watermelon Taste Better: Yes or No?

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By creating a taste contrast between the salt and the sweetness of the watermelon, adding the seasoning tends to bring out the better flavors of the fruit. Watermelon tends to be more watery than other fruits (hence the name) and subsequently has a subtlety to its sweetness that salt makes bolder. Aficionados say that the trick is to simply add a pinch of salt over the whole slice of watermelon. It’s said you can use any kind of salt, including table, sea, or kosher. When just a fine sprinkling of the stuff is added to the melon, the flavor balance shifts a bit, and your salivary glands are activated, making the fruit seem even juicier. The comparison in tastes is said to be amazing. On a hot Texas summer day, you won’t soon forget it, or on any day, for that matter! Have you tried salt on watermelon? Has your family been enjoying it this way for years? What other great food combinations have you enjoyed which seem to be shared only in certain circles?