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Artist Salvador Dali’s Body Will Be Exhumed for Paternity Suit

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History tells us that surrealist painter Salvador Dalí spent many years living in Figueres with his wife, Gala, and the two never had children. But, a Spanish woman is now claiming to be his heir. Dalí’s possible daughter is named María Pilar Abel Martíne. She says her mother worked as a maid near Dalí’s residence along the coast of Spain. Martinez said her mother often told her that she was Dalí’s daughter, and since there is no way of knowing for sure without an official paternity test, a judge in Madrid said that the painter’s body shall be exhumed.

“If she is confirmed to be the artist’s daughter, she could use his surname and be entitled to part of his estate – but Spanish media say she would have to legally request it,” the BBC explains.

NPR says that Martínez’s claims are not new. In fact, she already underwent paternity testing with “retained specimens from Dalí’s body” in 2007 and 2008, but she was never allowed to see the results. She says this led her to believe that they were positive.

The state-run Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation will appeal the judge’s decision, but still, the earliest the body could be exhumed would be in July.