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The Sam Houston: A Unique Texas Boat Tour That’s a Surefire Blast for Your Entire Family

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Named for the seminal Texas military commander known for strategically coordinating our fight for independence from Mexico, the M/V Sam Houston took its maiden voyage in 1958 and has been touring guests from Port Houston ever since. At 95 feet in length and holding 100 passengers, the boat gives guests the option of viewing their tour from an indoor lounge seat complete with air conditioning to an outdoor deck where you can feel the wind in your hair while taking in the scenic views.

Taking people through one of the most diverse ports of Texas, not to mention globally, guests are treated to a free, 90-minute voyage on this wonderful boat. During that time the rich history of the city’s coastal region and port are covered in depth, leaving them informed and newly aware of its maritime industry and the value it contributes to the state.

The Sam Houston is a Unique Texas Boat Tour Your Entire Family Can Take

Photo: Facebook/Port Houston

Open to groups and individuals, the tours are something the entire family can enjoy, featuring facts on today’s current operations at the port as well as the history that led up to its present capacity. The M/V Sam Houston also takes its passengers by the Turning Basin Terminal, along with a variety of international cargo vessels that make port in Houston. Visitors to the boat can make advanced reservations as early as three months ahead. More information on tours is available at the link provided here. All aboard to tour one of the most diverse Texas ports in history!