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San Antonio Area High Schools Earn High ‘SMART’ Scores

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Although most San Antonio high school students are enjoying their summer break, the schools themselves are just now learning

According to the latest rankings from StartClass, an website that focuses on education-based research and data analysis, 30 of San Antonio’s high schools were ranked among the best in the country.

StartClass evaluates high schools across the country by using their self-developed “smart rating,” which is simplified grading system that takes into account students’ overall performance and results from their college entrance exams.

According to MySanAntonio, all of the data from StartClass’ “smart scores” are developed by breaking down each school’s math and reading/language arts proficiency scores, as well as graduation rates and other demographics from that year.

The latest data evaluated is from 2014, and shows that 30 of the area’s public high schools earned high “smart” ratings. Reagan High School ended up at the top of the class, earning a “smart” score of 94 out of a possible 100. Johnson High School and Alamo Heights High School followed closely behind scores of 93, while Stacey Junior/Senior High School earned a score of 92 and Health Careers High School came in at 90.
You can check out the full list of data for all San Antonio area high schools at StartClass.