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San Antonio Bar Changes Image, Social Media Fans Express Disapproval

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Anytime a bar tries to adjust their image, they’re going to be hit with some backlash from regulars who feel like they help create the true identity of the bar. San Antonio’s Hills & Dales Ice House has met with negative social media posts now that they’ve changed owners. According to MySA.com, one of the new owners, Justin Vitek, expressed that he hopes the ice house will become more than a “biker bar” with its remodeling updates and slight makeover. But some people took to Facebook to spout off negative opinions—including a now-deleted threat of violence.

On June 26th, Vitek addressed the concerns with a Facebook post that partially read, “We accept EVERYBODY no matter, size, shape, color, ethnicity, religion, taco preference, or how you like your steak prepared, hell we’ll even accept Vegans! However, what we don’t accept is the hate from some of you people. This is us taking the risk on this business. We also are providing jobs for individuals with families. We also are in this business to make money. So yea, we have made some changes.”

Even though patrons can’t help but reference an ideal of what their neighborhood bar should be like, the popular northwest-side ice house will hopefully garner respect and form relationships with new regulars while keeping aspects that people loved.