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San Antonio Area Barbershops Moved $8M Worth of Heroin

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Federal agents say that barbershops in San Antonio, Seguin, and Floresville delivered heroin to customers and laundered the money while also functioning as a barbershop. It’s being reported that over $8 million was moved through 2014 and 2015 alone.

On Monday, Salvador Gonzales and his son, Adrian, plead guilty to heroin-trafficking and laundering money at their Acapulco Barber Shop. Salvador was said to handle the heroin dealings while Adrian ran the barbershop aspect of the business.

Agents working with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation division found “15 pounds of heroin, guns, and ammunition, and $543,940 in cash and targeted 19 properties for forfeiture. Informants told agents that from 2014 to 2015, the ring moved 250 kilos of heroin and sold each kilo for $32,000 or more,” according to MySA.com. The drug ring also grabbed the attention of the Texas Mexican Mafia who required the group to pay a 10 percent “street tax.”

Adrian’s lawyer, John Convery, who assisted with their plea deal, said, “We settled the case, perhaps not for the amounts or figures that were considered by the investigators, but certainly for some significant charges and amount that we could all agree on. We’re just trying to accept responsibility and move toward a situation where we can … get back to legitimate activity of being barbers.”