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San Antonio Cat Café to Open Up After Successful GoFundMe Campaign

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After raising nearly $19,000 through a GoFundMe campaign, Casey Steuart realized her dream of owning San Antonio’s first cat café was coming true. Now, MySA.com says that Steuart has secured a location at 8818 Broadway where patrons will pay a small cover charge to play with a variety of cats while they sip their coffee and grab a cocktail or a bite to eat.

On the GoFundMe page, Steuart explains that cat cafes began in Japan in the 1990s, and recently, they’ve been popping up across the United States. She’s visited numerous cafés and studied their business models to see what works and what can be improved upon.

The San Antonio Cat Café aims to be more than a place to hang out with cats. Customers will be able to adopt after they’re vetted by the café staff to make certain they’re well-matched for the cat of their choice. Additionally, there will be social events, an art gallery, cat-related items for sale, and educational classes for animal lovers to learn more about TNR (trap neuter return) and cat care and health.

Part of the café (including the food prep area) will be sequestered away from the kitties. That way, customers can decide if they want to risk a stray hair in their snack.