San Antonio Is Jumping on the ‘Cat Cafe’ Wagon in October

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San Antonio is getting its first cat cafe at the end of the month and cat lovers everywhere are excited to see what it’s all about. On Sunday, October 29, the Texas Hill Country’s newest cat café will have its grand opening. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a “cat cafe,” it’s essentially just a place where you can hang out with cats – most of whom are adoptable.

Cat cafés are still relatively new to the United States, however, they have been incredibly popular in Asia, Europe, and Australia. The first cat café opened in Tokyo in 1998. Since then, they have spread around the world, but have only gained popularity in the United States in the last couple of years in states like California and New York, and in other large metropolitan areas.

What Do You Do in a Cat Cafe?

cat cafe

Photo: Facebook/catcafemanilla

When you first walk into the cat café, you check in, sign digital waivers, and pay a small entry fee to help pay for the kitty care. Then, you go through a door to the Cat Lounge, a blissful place where you can wander around petting kitties or find a seat and let the cats come to you.

You may see people cuddling with cats on comfy couches, reading books, watching movies, or trying to take cute kitty pics and selfies with the cats. It’s really up to you what you do while you are in there as long as you are nice to the cats. You could even take a cat-nap if you like. The cats will be happy to show you how it’s done. They’re experts and love to teach by example.

Cat Cafe By Night

cat cafe inside

Photo: Facebook/Elgatocoffeehouse

If you’re there in the evening, try a featured drink special from the bar or come participate in the cafe’s trivia and other game nights…or, just come and unwind. It’s the opposite of a noisy bar where you have to yell over the music and can’t see through the smoke. The San Antonio Cat Cafe will offer relaxed fun, and you can actually hear yourself think. Plus, you’re surrounded by cats.

All Proceeds Go To Help Cats in Need

Cat Cafe
Photo: Unsplash/Kari Shea

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