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San Antonio Chef Challenges Austinities to Breakfast Taco Showdown

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Johnny Hernandez, a San Antonio chef, is tired of hearing the great debate about which city has the best breakfast tacos.

He knows it’s San Antonio, and he’s so confident that, in wake of an article that proclaimed Austin to be the home of the breakfast taco, he is putting chefs from both Austin and San Antonio to a challenge.

Hernandez is asking for “numerous chefs from both cities to create their best tacos and let the people be the judge,” according to KSAT 12. The proceeds would go to charity and this way, the people would decide which breakfast tacos they enjoy more, because honestly, do we ever listen to food critics anyways?

The breakfast taco showdown has been brewing for the past week or so when a writer thought it best to declare Austin as the home of the breakfast taco without so much as mentioning San Antonio in the article. It was then that the good people of San Antonio, like Chef Hernandez, had enough.

Bringing the two cities together would work to boost each city’s local economy and also bring some much-needed humor to the face of this feud.  We’ll definitely show up for a breakfast taco showdown — will you?