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San Antonio Doctor Says He Will Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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“We will produce CBD oils for those patients that are eligible. Regardless of what the Legislature does, we intend to pursue this,” Dr. Lang Coleman told KSAT concerning his plans to open up a medical marijuana dispensary in San Antonio. He intends to produce cannabidiols (CBD) for those he believes will benefit from using the product around the time that Texas lawmakers will vote on the use of medical marijuana in Texas.

In 2015, Time Magazine published an article discussing the benefits of medical marijuana. They point out that studies have been difficult to pursue due to the classification of marijuana as a schedule-1 drug. For some patients, it doesn’t help, while other studies show that for certain ailments it can significantly reduce pain. But coming to a strong conclusion is near impossible due to the variations of potency in medical marijuana products. As more doctors use the medication, the medical community will be able to build a better consensus and outlook on marijuana.

“Put into legislation something that allows us to do the research, and the research that’s already there, look at the signs. Don’t look at the politics of it, don’t be afraid,” Dr. Coleman told KSAT, hopeful that lawmakers will move research forward.