San Antonio Dog Goes Viral For Running Right into Fireworks

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Before you see the video of Coco the dog running straight into a fireworks display, you should read Imanol Didac Meza’s follow-up tweet. “Note: No Coco was not hurt and we did not throw/shoot anything at Coco. She grabbed the firework while it was lit and was wildin hard,” Meza posted. Meza’s video taken on New Year’s Eve has gone viral with over 29K retweets and 59K likes. The action-packed 25 second Twitter clip features his grandma’s dog going absolutely crazy once the fireworks started. She even picked up a piece while it was going off! posted that many people are weighing in on what they think was going through Coco’s mind during the festivities. Some believe that she was trying to save the family from something dangerous and explosive, while others guess that she was showing off her bravery and taking part in the excitement. Several dog owners said their pups have done the same thing when they’ve seen fireworks!

Video of the dog who partied the hardest on New Year’s Eve can be seen via Meza’s tweet below. The video (understandably) involves some screaming and yelling, so you’ll want to have your volume down before you hit play.