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San Antonio Firefighter Dies in Shopping Center Blaze

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In a massive, 4-alarm blaze that occurred on Thursday night (May 18), one firefighter lost his life and two others were injured at a shopping center in San Antonio. According to KENS5 CBS over 60 fire units responded to the call when the blaze broke out at the Ingram Park shopping center just after 9 p.m.

San Antonio Firefighter Dies in Shopping Center Blaze

Photo: Facebook/Shemaiah Production Studios LLC

Charles Hood, San Antonio Fire Department Chief, has identified that crews initially entered the shopping center to fight the fire but were forced to evacuate when parts of the building began to collapse due to intense flames. He also confirmed the death of Scott Deem, who was a six-year veteran of the department. “[It’s a] Very rough decision to leave a firefighter behind, and that’s not what we do,” Hood stated during a news briefing. “But we had the risk of losing an additional 15 or 20 firefighters if we did not go defensive on the fire.”

San Antonio Firefighter Dies in Shopping Center Blaze

Photo: Facebook/San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association

The two injured firefighters have been transported to local area hospitals, however, their present conditions are unknown. Hood did, however, state that they were anticipated to survive. San Antonio firefighters were witnessed forming two columns and saluting an ambulance that left the scene just after midnight this morning, and the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association has posted on its social media outlets the following statement: “Tonight during a 4th alarm blaze we lost a brother Scott Deem. We humbly ask for your prayers for his family at this time. We also ask that you pray for our other brothers also injured in this blaze and that they heal quickly. Thank you.” During the news briefing, Hood was seen fighting back the tears while asking for prayers for the fire department saying, “We’re hurting.”