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San Antonio Police Department Hopes to Convince Some Dallas Officers to Relocate

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“Strong pension. Hiring officers. Apply now!” several billboards in Dallas read, alongside a photo of a smiling police officer. These signs were recently put up by the San Antonio Police Department, hoping to woo Dallas officers into joining their force.

According to Fox San Antonio, the SAPD needs to fill about 240 officer positions, and since they have a few advantageous attributes over the Dallas Police Department, they think they can convince some people to relocate.

The main draw for Dallas officers to move is certainly the pension plan in San Antonio’s Police Department. SAPD’s pension is 90 percent funded, while Dallas’s is nearing bankruptcy. They’re also offering a San Antonio housing credit and a $7,500 signing bonus. Additionally, their academy (for those who already have a Texas license) only lasts 16 weeks instead of the usual 32.

SAPD will also pursue officers in Austin, El Paso, and Corpus Christi, but without the use of the eye-catching billboards. Lt. Steven Trujillo told Fox 4 News, “We’re simply being aggressive trying to hire the best. The best to serve our community, the best that are willing to engage with our community and serve them and ultimately just protect the citizens of San Antonio.”